CCCWA Official Notice Regarding China Orphanage Donations


Announcement December 7, 2017

Government departments and adoption agencies of receiving countries,

It is a universal emotion of all peoples to care for the infants and minors, and it is a common practice in many countries for people with love to donate money and materials to child welfare institutions. Over the years, foreign adopters and adoption agencies have been actively donating to China’s child welfare institutions, which have played a positive role in promoting the child care level in the welfare  institutions  as  well  as finding proper placements for our children. In order to better regulate the act of donation by foreign adopters and  adoption  agencies  to  child welfare institutions, we hereby announce as follows:

Foreign adopters may donate out of free will to the child  welfare  institution after the adoption  registration  is finalized. The donation  shall be made on a voluntary basis, the donors shall have the right to decide on the quantity, purpose of use and form of donation, and the  two  parties shall make a donation agreement. Adoption agencies shall not coerce or induce adopters to make donations to child welfare institutions  against their wishes. If such case happens, CCCWA will suspend the cooperation with this adoption agency.

Please inform and remind adopters of this announcement accordingly.

China Centre for Children’s Welfare and Adoption