This amazing boy is waiting for a family.  We are calling him Robinson.  He was born in December 2004 and met the New Beginnings team in November 2016. He touched the heart of each member of the team.   He was curious and showed us how much he understood and how much he can do.  He listened well and followed two-step directions.  His caregivers reported he is afraid of the dark.  Robinson was turned down by the school for being overly active.  He has droopy eyelids, which is known as Ptosis.  His file states that he had some surgery for his eyes, but was not able to complete second operation secondary to scar tissue.

Robinson wrote numbers and copied simple shapes.  He saw our ball pump and immediately inserted it into a ball to pump it up.  He can run, jump and throw a ball.  He can stand on one foot.  He is happy and full of curiosity.  He was able to write numbers in English for us.  When Robinson saw a Lego set the team had brought, he immediately built a novel animal. We began to think of him as “creative Lego boy”.   He can change his clothes, bathe and feed himself.  When it was time to leave, He said thank you to us in English for the Legos we gave him.

Robinson needs a family to guide him.  He was turned down by a school for being over active and that will affect his future.  He complied with every activity the team presented and was creative with his Legos.  A forever family could make such an amazing difference in this happy boy’s life.  Is he your son?  For more information about Robinson, please contact