UPDATE: Bella has found her forever family!

There is a beautiful girl waiting for a family and she is absolutely adorable so we are calling her Bella.  She is all beauty and sass and sweetness wrapped up with a bow. The Team met her in November 2016.  Miss Bella was born in February 2013.

Bella loves to play but only with what she wants to play with. She loves to nest the stacking cups. She searched for a shape hidden under the cups and laughed when she found it. She was also happy when she pulled apart the pop beads. She loves to sing and dance.  Her caregivers put on music and she danced for the Team.  The caregiver told us she likes to help them in the orphanage by handing out candy and treats.  She gave the Team a Thumbs up sign because she liked the toys.  Bella is able to help with herself care activities. This little sweetie will only do what she chooses.  She cries when asked to do things that are not on her agenda.

Bella is beautiful and has Hydrocephalus but that is not her greatest need.  Her greatest need is a family to help her continue to blossom. Are you ready for sweetness and sassiness all rolled into one?  Is Bella your amazing daughter? If you would like more information about Bella, please contact