Haven is an adorable girl with a sweet smile.  She met the Promise Kids team in November 2016.  She has athetoid Cerebral Palsy, but walks without assistance.  She was able to get up off the floor without help.  Haven is able to complete most of her self-care activities, but needs some help with bathing.  She can speak, but her words are not always clear.  She understands what is being said to her and will follow directions.  She can hold a crayon but cannot write.

Haven enjoyed most toys.  Her favorite activities are playing outside, puzzles and singing. She let us know she was a bit hungry and would like some candy, please.  She reported this sweetly and with her beautiful smile.

Haven is a lovely girl who has worked hard in rehabilitation to walk and be independent.  She has achieved so much already and needs the support of a family to achieve even more.  She has a beautiful smile and winning personality.  The Promise Kids team quickly fell in love with this amazing girl!  She is waiting for her forever family to see her smiling face. She is ready to make even more progress with the love of a family.  Could she be your daughter?     For more information about Haven or any of our Promise Kids, Please contact Amanda at Amanda@NewBeginningsAdoptions.org.